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Dec 2, 2012 4:00am PST
intend. nar nap nasa says it ha deposits of ice.yes, gon mercury, which is the closest planet to the sun. and it's hot there. really hot. sop sosome areas of the sca north pole ispsusun, allowins . lawrenp lawrence krauss joi maryland to talk about this. hehe's p he'she's a theop nothing." good morning. help us understand what this really means. we always hear where there's water, there'spbut this ca mercury, right? r it hit has p it hasi extreme temperatures. >> it's probably motte true fo mercury. p we don't know where life live. we'p we'we've discovered o life can live in every environmeenvironment that's oc earth. the most extreme environments. it's not the best place to look for life. in fact, there is water. in fact, the water is located in deep craters, near the north pole. mercury kind of orbits with very little tilt. near the north pole with the deep craters, it never gets subject. that's why it's so cold. but much of the water is covered by a thin layer of organic material. >> all right. i think we're having a little trouble hearing lawrence there. we'll try and get him back be
Dec 1, 2012 4:00pm PST
to make sure this person is actually unconscious, because they might be napping. i don't know. so, let's find out. hello? can you hear me? are you okay? hello? if they don't respond, that's a problem. so, i'm gonna tell somebody else to go call 911 -- "please, this person's unconscious" -- then come back to me. then i need to see if they're breathing. so, i'm gonna open the airway with a head tilt, chin lift. get really close to their nose and mouth to feel for breath on my cheek. look at the chest for any movement, and i'm gonna do this for 10 whole seconds, 'cause i want to make sure it's normal breathing. if they're not breathing, we begin hands-only cpr. that's compressions, not breaths, okay? now, i know i'm wearing these gloves right here, but in real life, you can do them with or without. in the red cross course, we advocate for gloves because they help prevent disease transmission. okay, two hands right in the center of the chest. your shoulders directly over your hands for support. >> you're gonna press at least two inches deep for an adult, about two inches deep for a child,
Dec 1, 2012 11:00pm PST
the cap to cover her eyes and take a nap. then her flight wag cancelled, in the chaos, i think i left it somewhere in the airport. >> bridget couldn't find so it turned to the internet. people everywhere loved her and are and have joined in the hunt. the cap has not been found but not for lack of trying. >> social media lets almost anybody raise money for almost any goal. how crowd funding can help you get a project off the ground. >> and stop that bus. a little bit of generosity is going a long way in san mateo county. >> i'm leigh glaser, where is the heavy rain? it's up along the north coast. we're in a lull right now. we'll look at the timing of the heavy >> 3,000 shouldn't dayow county children will have presents to open thanks to the hard work of a few dozen people. the annual stuff the bus program kicked off. organizers expect to collect about 20,000 items. each child will receive two gifts, book, and stuffed animal and stocking stuffers. >> traditional fundraising involves something like a bake sale or auction. now social media has opened an arena where almost anybody can rais
Dec 2, 2012 9:00am PST
in affect for the napa river in nap ma and saint huh h -- saint helena. it is surging, swelling. it was not this high a few hours ago. you can see the storm debris flowing through the river, and this rain is continuing. relentless day luge hitting us in downtown napa this, month. because the soil is already so saturated the rain is expected to pus the -- to push the napa river to the flood stage. the flood level is 25.1 feet in napa, but they are projecting the water could go as high as 27 feet between 1:00 this afternoon and 6:00 this evening. as we all know, downtown napa saw the river overwhelm and over flow in 2005. thousands of acres flooded. residents were evacuated. some completely displaced. since then the napa river, napa creek protection project have made significant improvements to prevent that from happening again. but city officials say they are confident they can deal with the expected water flow. i went to downtown napa and not a lot of businesses open this early in the morning. at the coffee roasting company they had a theory. they were loit hearted and they tell
Dec 2, 2012 12:00pm EST
lighter. -- carpet lighter -- glider if you want to refresh yourvcarpets the steam will penetrate the nap of the carpet and help it to look like. just as floor steamer it is worth the wait in gold. i did so excited by this bill brain. >>host: green >>host: this helps to 99 percent of the coli, salmonella, and other east causing bacteria. up 90% of mold causing bacteria as well. the x5 is brilliant because it hastra hot steam that uses your tap water you do not need distilled water. it will cleanyou buy this for nothing else than to clean the toilet it will be worth its weight in can get this home for $100 and free shipping and handling. if they give this as a gift you have january 31, 2013 until you can return. we will show you how easy this is to use on ceramic. we want to hear your testimonials. the number to call is 1-866-376-8255 >>guest: >>guest: my favorite room to use this is in the bathroom. the bathroom is where we usually use the harsh chemicals. here is hand- held unit with the nylon brush. more often than not you have to share your bathroom with the kids or family
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)